[Taylor Swift] doesn’t have to be your taste, and I can totally understand why someone wouldn’t be into her, but choosing to write off a young woman completely because she “has too many feelings” is just typical, old school misogyny. Don’t like her music? Cool. Don’t like her style? Cool. Don’t like the way she words things in interviews? Totally reasonable. But if you’re willing to paint this woman as the CRAZY BITCH EX-GIRLFRIEND because she uses her platform to call out men’s bullshit behavior, you’re contributing to a culture that assumes all women’s feelings are irrational and worthless. It’s mean, it’s boring, and we can do better.
It’s Officially Time To Stop Making Fun Of Taylor Swift For Having Feelings (x)


You commies looking for this?

… okay, so a few days ago somebody was listing in their tags all the movies Sebastian Stan’s been in, and one of the tags was “Hot Tub Time Machine,” and I THOUGHT THEY WERE KIDDING.

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Sebastian Stan in a bathtub wearing leather pants is literally God’s gift to humankind.

day whatever: these photos exist, and people still are not tripping over themselves to write me rentboy!au steve/bucky

why isn’t this something EVERYONE WRITES the second they get into the fandom

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Just a bunch of Night Vale quotes. None of these belong to me. 

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